Chinese Company to Invest in Uzbekistan’s Coal Mines

The Chinese company Henan intends to invest $400 million in developing coal deposits in Uzbekistan. There are also plans by the Turkish company Bab Energy ve Petrol Urunleri A.S. to establish facilities for the production of enriched kaolin.
On July 9th, President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev received a report on the work and progress of investment projects in the field of geology. According to the provided data, almost 3 million tons of coal have been extracted in the country over the last six months. There are plans for the production of more than 5 million tons of coal in the second half of the year. Overall, coal production is expected to increase by 1.4 million tons this year compared to last year, while imports are expected to decrease significantly.
The coal industry is also implementing a number of investment projects. In particular, the Chinese company Henan plans to directly invest 400 million dollars towards the development of the Nishbash deposit. As a result of this project, up to 8 million tons of coal will be mined from underground and 5 million tons of coal per year will be enriched.
In addition, there are plans to produce enriched kaolin from the “Apartak-3” deposit in the Tashkent region jointly with the Turkish company Bab Energy ve Petrol Urunleri A.S. As a result of this joint venture, 40 new jobs will be created, and 70 thousand tons of enriched kaolin will be produced per year.

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