Armenia risks finding itself in impasse by trusting EU promises - Russian MFA

Armenia risks finding itself in impasse if it believes the empty promises of the European Union on access to the EU common market and decides to withdraw from the EAEU for the sake of it, the Russian Foreign Ministry said, News.az reports via TASS.

The Russian Foreign Ministry stated this while commenting on the report of the Friends of Armenia Network on deepening relations between the EU and Yerevan, prepared under the leadership of former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

"According to the report, Yerevan should withdraw from the EAEU, of which Armenia, by the way, is the main beneficiary. At the same time, it is kept silent about when and under what conditions Armenians will be able to get access to the EU common market. It may happen that following the empty promises of the European Union, the residents of the republic will be left at a broken trough," the diplomatic agency said.

The Russian Foreign Ministry noted that it is impossible to escape the impression that the European Union perceives Armenia solely as a source of resources and profit for Europe.

"At the same time, they consider it normal that the interests and priorities of the country are determined by Brussels," the diplomatic agency added.

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